About Tink

Tink is committed to helping pets and their owners live calm happy lives. She has transformed her own life using the rRest technique and now uses it to transform the lives of others. Tink has helped pets with many issues including: excessive barking, scratching, biting, overreacting to other dogs, and many other issues. She is certified in the rRest technique, reiki, Healing Touch for Animals, and Low Stress Handling for dogs and cats.

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The Technique

Tink uses a combination of rRest (Rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique) and reiki. rRest is an innovative, mind-body technique created for humans but effective on pets. Click here for more information on rRest. Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique also used for mind-body work.



"I have known Tink for a long time and have always known her to have an honest heart. When she told me she could help me with some personal issues I had been having with something called "rRest", I must say I was skeptical. After just doing it once I tell you I am a believer! Not only does this system work well for alleviating most emotional issues but Tink is as sweet as can be. Try it!! Even if you are a skeptic- I promise you wont regret it."

— Jennifer, Belmont, CA

"Pepper always shied away from getting into our cars from side doors.  Lifting him got to be too much as he grew (45lbs).  After one session with Tink, the next time I asked him to get in the car, in he went!  Now he has no problem getting into the car.  Thanks Tink, for saving my back!"

— Lisa, Belmont, CA

Miraculous Call!

My daughter told me of a coach who was a pet therapist. I had never heard of that before; but since I had an "issue" with my shihtzu Bella, I asked for her phone number.  After a few minutes on the phone, I felt very comfortable with Tink and her energy so I asked if she'd work on this issue over the phone.

Starting about 3 weeks ago, my nice, calm dog, started a new habit. Around 6:00 in the evening, when I sit down with with my dinner in front of the TV.... She starts barking incessantly.  She wont stop until she wears herself out (I miss the Dialogue on my show), she falls asleep for awhile and then wakes up and starts barking all over again. This pattern goes on and off for about 3 hours and drives me nuts!

Tink resolved this issue for me over the phone!  Of course our call was in the early afternoon and so the proof of the pudding would be about 6:00 pm. AMAZING!!!!  No barking!!! She slept and woke up calmly and slept most of the evening.... No barking!  The silence was so beautiful that I actually kept saying to myself "It's miraculous!"  I know those words sound strong, but it's really true. I said it to myself a few times that night. It was such a nice quiet evening.  Last night was night 2 and it was also a quiet evening with Bella acting like her old self.  I don’t know what started this issue a few weeks back..... But I don't care! 
Tink solved the problem and believe me, I am saving her phone number for the future!!!

Marylou, Oceanside, CA 






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